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Contemporary Spain provides an accessible single volume introduction to the political, economic and social developments in Spain since 1939. It combines original survey essays in English with authentic extracts from a variety of Spanish sources and specially developed language exercises. The material is located within the theme of modernisation in general, and Europeanisation in particular. The focus is not descriptive or institutional but seeks to relate the material to relevant debates and theoretical issues. Although the focus of the book is Post-Franco Spain, the transition and subsequent developments are placed in a historical context and elements of disjunction and continuity are identified. The essays in English assume little prior knowledge of contemporary Spain and provide authoritative introductions to the subject. The Spanish language texts have been carefully chosen to illustrate the themes discussed in the essays, and to provide the student with a range of authentic styles of written Spanish, and to broaden students understanding of stylistic and grammatical features of French, as well as their comprehension and writing skills. The language exercises are pitched at a level appropriate to first and second year undergraduates. The book also contains a chronology covering the major developments in politics, economics, education, employment and society since 1939.

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