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Coquito de Oro Integrado is the fusion of Coquito Clásico and Escritura Coquito Script in one single textbook.Coquito de Oro Integrado is an educational and scientific instructional book through which more than 40 million children have learned to read, write and think in the Spanish language.Coquito de Oro Integrado is conceived and structured in 54 sequential lessons, with which the child is able to start reading and writing, opening a future of intellectual and emotional potential that raises their awareness and self-esteem. This provides great satisfaction to teachers and parents because the students’ reading comprehension is high.The «Reading by Words Method», created with the book Coquito, is built on the children’s vocabulary and on the unique feature of the Spanish language that is read as it is written and written as it is spoken, unlike other languages, whose phonetic complexity is remarkable. It is therefore not advisable to teach how to read in Spanish using methods from other languages such as English and French because it will extend the learning process up to fifteen months for what can be accomplished in three months using our method.The constant interest of the author and his team of specialists is to restructure and update the book according to the improvements and suggestions from teachers who use Coquito with remarkable success, exceeding expectations in most Spanish-speaking countries.Coquito de Oro brings graphic colored themes, illustrated with captivating visuals that engage and develop the child’s imagination. This initiates the process of oral expression and reading as well as writing and mathematics.We thank the teachers and parents for using our materials, and we guarantee that they have chosen a method of proven quality and excellence that develops mental processes, taking into account the linguistic features of the Spanish language.

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