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For more than 25 years the Peabody Museum has been publishing The Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions under the editorial and artistic direction of Mayanist Ian Graham. The goal of this unique series of folio volumes is to document in photographs and detailed line drawings all known Maya inscriptions and their associated figurative art. When complete, the Corpus will have published the inscriptions from over 200 sites and 2,000 monuments. The series has been instrumental in the remarkable success of the ongoing process of deciphering Maya writing, making available hundreds of texts to epigraphers working around the world. Each volume in the series consists of three fascicles, which examine an individual site or group of neighboring sites and include maps of site location and plans indicating the placement monuments within each site. Each inscription is reproduced in its entirety in both photographs and line drawings. The text of each volume presents descriptive information about the sites and monuments and their associated artifacts. Volume I includes a Spanish translation of the Introduction text and six appendices: sources of sculpture and their codes, list of abbreviations and symbols used in the Corpus series, table of tun-endings between and, a complete Calendar Round in tabular form, giving the position of tun-endings between and, a method for the quick computation of Calendar Round position, by John S. Justeson, and Moon Age tables, by Lawrence Roys.

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