De CÁdiz A NormandÍa / CrÓnicas De Viaje

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libro De CÁdiz A NormandÍa / CrÓnicas De Viaje

Manuel C. Diaz was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1942. He was imprisoned in 1966 for attempting to leave the country in a boat. Pardoned in 1979, he now lives in Miami with his family. He has published several novels: El ano del ras de mar, Un paraiso bajos las estrellas -transmitted to Cuba by Radio Marti-, Subasta de suenos and La virgen del malecon. or the past twenty years, he writes literature and travel chronicles for El Nuevo Herald. De Cadiz a Normandia is a compilation of some of the travel chronicles (corresponding to Spain, Italy and France) he wrote for El Nuevo Herald from 1995 until 2015. It is a book designed to be enjoyed by all. A walk through the narrow streets of the old town of Seville or the memory of a romantic evening stroll under the bridges of the Seine, the art treasures of the Vatican Museums and the Louvre or the awe inspiring gaze when you see the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Yes, we traveled: to marvel at the great creations of humanity, to get to know other cultures and to find ourselves.

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