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We invest a lot of time, money and effort to train ourselves in rational and material knowledge, but we forget to know and understand our emotional and spiritual nature. We ignore the primordial need to know who we are, from before our conception and until after our transition from the material world, through genetic, religious, cultural and social inheritance, without analyzing or understanding our thoughts, fears, feelings, emotions, and moods they create on us, as well as the ego and its great influence, without understanding how, through meditation and prayer, with the vision of the heart, we can achieve inner peace, know the truth and reach freedom, connecting us spiritually, to thus transcend. This is the invitation that Jos Besil gives us in this work: to awaken and become aware of our life, the one that was before, the one that is now and the one that will be forever. There is no gift more valuable than developing awareness, for it means to discover the presence of God in us.

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