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libro Dolor Oculto, Gozo Permanente

With no doubt, this is the most reveled book that have been written about the persecuted church: victorious womens. With out them the church doesnt have a future Brother AndrewWhat is it like for a Christian woman living where it is illegal to live openly for Christ? How does a wife and mother respond when her husband refuses to up his work of faith despite the physical and emotional risk to himself and his family? What happens to her when he is arrested, imprisoned or murdered because of what he believes? These are the questions facing real women in today’s world. While stories are told and retold about the men who suffer for their faith, these women are the forgotten victims of the persecuted Church. Like the wife of the president of International Open Doors, Anneke Companjen who has travel the world and have seen with her own eyes the tragedy price of persecution. After the suicide of a woman which was her friend, the wife of a Vietnamese pastor in jail, decide that the world how hear the stories of this womens of faith and their incredible strength.

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  • Autor: Anneke Companjen
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