El Enigma Del Convento

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libro El Enigma Del Convento

1814. After demonstrating his loyalty to Fernando by fighting against the pro-independence colonists in the Americas, General Goyeneche is called to the Spanish Court to help the monarchy fight the liberal movement that is trying to reinstate the Constitution of Cádiz. But in these tumultuous times, everything moves along the fine line that separates loyalty from treason, and anyone can be accused of conspiring against the king. Because of that, the general embarks on a journey to recover compromising papers that are hidden in Peru, and which put his reputation, his fortune, and his life at risk. With admirable use of suspense, Jorge Eduardo Benavides constructs a novel full of intrigue, which has at its epicenter the Convent of Santa Catalina, in Arequipa, Perú. In its walls are important documents that could compromise the lives of all who appear in them. Only when evil breaks into the tranquil grounds of the convent, it will be necessary to keep safe the secrets that have been kept for centuries.

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