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After I read Dr. Daniel Golemans landmark book, Emotional Intelligence, and people started referring to the concept as EQ, I began to make a mental list of the major influences on our lives. Research convincingly demonstrates that EQ is more important than IQ in achieving success in our personal life and in our work life, but in what ways do they overlap and/or interact? What are the other major influences, and what are their relationships to IQ and EQ? Which ones have a strong influence on IQ and EQ, and which ones are largely the result of ones IQ and/or EQ? Most of the other major influences I identified could be classified under the general category of fate, or luck. The genes you received from the genetic lottery your parents provided, the prenatal care provided by your parents, and the childhood experiences provided by your parents and others have strongly influenced the way you are. Parental beliefs, societal beliefs, and religious beliefs you learned were strongly influenced by where you were born and when you were born. Your sex, and the fact that you were the first child, the middle child, or the baby of the family, had a strong influence. Chance encounters such as the kid across the street, the one you sat next to in homeroom, your college roommate, or your future mate could have significantly changed your life. I chose to group these other major influences under the category of the old expression the fickle finger of fate (F3), but I am not implying that these influences are predetermined or inevitable. I am using fate more along the lines of luck, whether good or bad, but I am not aware of an expression containing luck that would convey the meaning I wanted. Major theories dealing with personality development and personality types are summarized and major categories of normal and abnormal personalities are discussed. A separate chapter is devoted to religious beliefs since they are often major influences on our behavior and the consequences …

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