La Mística Del Ultranacionalismo

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libro La Mística Del Ultranacionalismo

A study of the Iron Guard, the Romanian fascist organization, founded in 1927 as the Legion of the Archangel Michael. Mentions the emergence of political antisemitism in Romania in the last decades of the 19th century and the waves of antisemitism in the early 1920s, under the «numerus clausus» slogan, with massive participation of students (part of them were later «Legionnaires» in the Iron Guard’s ranks). Notes the influence of A.C. Cuza, the main Romanian ideologist of an extreme antisemitic policy, on Codreanu. Analyzes the Iron Guard’s mystical ideology and emphasizes the importance given to the struggle against the «Jewish threat», conceived as a «holy war». Discusses the antisemitic violence and abuses of the Legionnaires during their participation in Antonescu’s regime and the pogrom in Bucharest (January 1941), along with their failed attempt to overthrow Antonescu.

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  • Autor: Francisco Veiga
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