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While Carmen de Burgos (Almeria 1867-Madrid 1932) belonged to the Generation of 98 in terms of her age, she is really too modern and progressive a figure for this categorization. A journalist, author, translator and progressive feminist intellectual, de Burgos was one of the most widely-read writers of her time. When she died she left a body of work impressive both in its quantity and quality: 12 full length and approximately 57 short novels. La rampa (1917) is the second full-length novel by Carmen de Burgos, and is dedicated -to all of the throngs of wounded and lost women who have come to me asking which path they should take, and who have made me feel their tragedy.- The Spanish literary canon would remain incomplete if it did not include this urban novel by Carmen de Burgos, that in a highly original female point of view, captures Madrid in the process of modernization. La rampa narrates how modernity brought new possibilities for some middle- and upper-class women, but was ultimately an empty promise for many working-class women living in the city. This critical edition prepared by Susan Larson is accompanied by commentary, an extensive bibliography of works by and about the author, and an introduction that includes biographical information about Carmen de Burgos as well as an urban history of Madrid between 1890 and 1920 meant to frame the work within its urban context.

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