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NeoLeyendas (Spanish Edition), first volume with seven mystery and terror tale. Think Poe, Lovecraft and Becquer writing styles. In Here sleeps an Angel (Aqui duerme un angel), a young art student is asked to design the mausoleum of a powerful figure in the cemetery of the city, but he will not be alone there…, The Cursed Forest (El bosque maldito) is the story of a Roman military disaster twenty centuries ago, revived in the nightmares of the protagonist of the story, in Ektatons hieroglyph (El jeroglifico de Ektaton) we assist to the apparently fruitless search for a hidden treasure from the times when Amarna was the capital of ancient Egypt during the XVIIIth Dynasty, Fulfill your promises (Cumplid vuestras promesas) is the story of a cruel and heinous crime revenge …, holding the hands and the sensitivity of a virtuoso pianist and his muse, well feel the tragic world of European Romanticism in Piano Sonata (Sonata para piano), Don Nuno, returned unscathed from the Crusades, must resume its work as lord and judge of his Spanish Galician county in Medieval Legend (Leyenda medieval), in the disturbing tale Montenegro, Eloise, a beautiful woman adored by all of her loving ones, is pursued by the ghost of her fiance…

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  • Número de páginas: 362
  • Autor: Martin De Arce
  • Tamaño: 1.59 - 2.42 MB
  • Descargas: 1405

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