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libro Palabras Para Alagarte

This book is composed by 150 pages and few more than 100 poems, with a graphic at the front page depicting a giant nude heart with the upper ribs snatched away. The Title «Palabras Para Alagarte» is a metaphor, a poetic way the author found to say hundreds of affections that, in the dazzle of a new love, inundated his mind as much as they seem to come out of his mind like new rivers of pure water and lover’s blood. Where his feelings that are as much as the water that fill and populates a lake, he wanted expressed then as such in a hyperbolical way to a special person. It was taken from the two Spanish words Halagar and alagar one mean to show affection with words or actions and the former to fill a place with lakes or puddles and so, to purr affections and flatters as river do to a lake. The 100 plus Spanish Written Poems in the book are from the author Enrique Anico Taveras’ collection. Each poem has a love story by itself that the reader may found to be a dramatic way to express love, meanwhile, the temporary insanity expressed in each individual poem is just a transit to the whole story of the book. Every poem is part of a concatenated single story of love related to an imaginary Muse who the author meets in a sandy beautiful bitch of an island. Once he meets her, he started to write poems telling and expressing his feeling toward her. The Muse to whom all poems are written and probably dedicated, sometimes appears only on the voice of the author as a siren, mermaid or goddess. Her voice is totally mute but became a source of inspiration to him and a motivation to all the poems in the book.

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