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Some authors of business books stroke your ego by reinforcing information you already know. Others give you detailed statistical analysis of the economy or buying trends encouraging you to get lost in the pages of boredom until you have no idea what the book is even about. Some authors exploit the hottest buzzword and beat it to death without giving you any real idea how to do what they suggest must be done. Some say that all you have to do is love your job in order to be successful at it. The worst of the lot tell cute little parables through inane dialogues with messages so simple and trite that we should all be insulted. In ITS CALLED WORK FOR A REASON Larry Winget tells the unvarnished truth about what it takes to be successful.

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  • Número de páginas: 235
  • Autor: Larry Winget
  • Tamaño: 1.68 - 2.17 MB
  • Descargas: 2003

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