Santa Claus Was Once A Kid Too / Santa Claus Fue Alguna Vez Niño También

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libro Santa Claus Was Once A Kid Too / Santa Claus Fue Alguna Vez Niño También

This quirky, brightly illustrated, story puts a Dennis the Menace spin on the classic tale of The Night Before Christmas. Kids dont always do what they are told, and even Santa had flair of independence as a child. But what happens when Kid Santa gets sick for Christmas? This unique, eminently readable book will transport and enthrall every child as they relate to Santa Claus? dilemma and root for his friends to save the day. Before Santa Claus was the round, jolly, and bearded fellow that we all know and love, he was the young, adventurous and stubborn Kid Santa. Like most young children, Kid Santa doesnt always listen to his parents? advice. After being told to dress warmly, he spends an afternoon in the snow, wearing only shorts and his favorite summertime shirt. Unfortunately, Kid Santa gets very sick, and the doctor orders two weeks of bed rest. With Christmas just a few days away, Kid Santa is faced with a huge dilemma. Can Kid Santa save the day? Will he find a helping hand offered from his friends, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? Or will Christmas have to be canceled?

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