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libro Sopas De Letras Spanish Crossword Puzzles Large Print Fill-in

A Special 50+ LARGE PRINT FILL-IN Spanish Word Puzzle Book for Adults…. Welcome to this large print fill in Spanish puzzles: Spanish Crossword Puzzles For Adults: A Special Spanish Word Fill in Puzzle Book for Adults (A Unique Spanish Crossword Puzzles Large Print for Adults Brain Workout.) Volume 2! Indeed, these 55 puzzles are brain joggling, but gentle on the eyes, so everyone can enjoy some puzzle fun. However, to solve these puzzles, you are required to enter words from the list provided at the bottom of each crossword-like diagram. That is, you just fill the form with words reading across and down. Kindly note that the following Spanish alphabets, á, í, ó, é and ñ have been replaced by a, i, o, e and n respectively by the puzzle generator therefore, your additional task is to try and identify the true position of these alphabets in the puzzle This is doubtless, a cool gift for both beginners and experienced puzzlers alike! In conclusion, these puzzles have been designed to suit any one including visually impaired puzzlers, considering its print lay-out and the interior set-up. The solutions are also on the back page. Won’t you rather get your copy today and have some fun! Enjoy.

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