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Have you always wanted to learn another language but didn’t have the time or resources to take a class? Or are you a visual, independent learner who hasn’t found success in a classroom setting? Do you love to travel and want to be able to speak the local language when you visit new places? ​ If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, this is the perfect guide for you. While there are many ways to learn new languages today – between books, classes, mobile apps, and the internet – this guide to learning Spanish is flexible and accessible to learners of all ages. Does the thought of reading a textbook make you less interested in learning something new? By using photos, charts, and different color texts to differentiate English and Spanish words, this guide is organized in a completely new and unique way – and doesn’t feel like you’re reading a textbook! Katherine Ha wrote about visual learning in 2005 for the Language Arts Journal of Michigan, citing that 65% of the population are visual learners – meaning they learn best through images rather than words or sounds. This guide uses this visual approach to help you learn Spanish faster! With this guide you’ll find: How to confidently navigate through simple conversations in a Spanish-speaking country, even if you haven’t said a Spanish word since grade school! The most visual – and helpful – way to organize lessons so you learn Spanish quickly! The perfect solution for self-study if you like to work independently and aren’t interested or don’t have the time to take a class An actual enjoyable Spanish learning experience (not like you’re back in school studying for a test!) Basic Spanish words and phrases that you will use right away – you won’t waste your time learning complicated lessons that you wouldn’t even use How to pronounce Spanish words without feeling nervous or sounding silly (because this guide actually makes sense!) The perfectly-sized resource you can carry with you on your travels and…

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