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A ten volume, 9,000 page account of 12 years of happenings in Nicaragua coinciding with insurrection & the revolutionary years (1978-1990). Its purpose is to furnish a documental tool collection equivalent to attending a well equipped library or specialized documentation center. Looking up the different angles & perspectives of this geo-political phenomenon, you may formulate your own analytical criteria on the subject. History is always relevant. It is a condition of resurgence. It possesses the virtue of experience. It frees us from what was, because the past is revenant. If it is not documented by our memory, it turns against us, & drowns us. Let us go over the past to make it fertile. (O. Gasset). THE NIREX COLLECTION is the only compilation of documents with voices of all belligerent sides of the conflict. This is a profoundly objective, panoramic, encyclopedic, documentary view of the process taken from books, journals, newspapers, official releases & private sources. It contains information not currently found in the United States. A complete library on Nicaragua. A $2,000.00 worth of resources for $775.00 in numbers. Its 45 lbs. are worth its weight in resources. A contribution to the academic community, diplomatic world & the government policy makers.

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