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(SPANISH VERSION)Trapped in a Lions Den: Connecting the Book of Daniels DotsIs Jesus Christ merely a dead mystical religious figure who lived 2000 years ago or the living risen Messiah sent for the redemption of mankind from the penalty of personal sin? Is Jesus actually able to communicate with you and I today with understandable words in our own language? Is He especially viewable and understandable in the pages, words, and cryptograph of the Holy Bibles Book of Daniel? You the reader are now at the threshold of not only a complete teaching of the entire Book of Daniel, but a threshold of human history unprecedented. Both the great Prophets Daniel and the Apostle John said that in the days just preceding the return of Jesus Christ to set up His Millennial 1000 year Kingdom certain signs would appear on the world stage. Those indicators include: A worldwide international banking system, a cashless society, a worldwide common currency, computer technology that would monitor financial transactions, social interaction, and international communications, and a satellite communication system that would allow people to view events simultaneous from any television around the world. Let not this study of the Book of Daniel be entered into with fear and trepidation, but with wonder, astonishment and enthusiasm. Allow the Spirit of the Living God to cause the eyes of your understanding to be flooded with light, that you might know the truth and be set free. Best of life to you and yours, Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD

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