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For the first time Native American and the most common languages spoken in the USA on the same page! Womagis United States of America is written in English, Lakota-Sioux, Navajo-Diné, Eskimo-Inuit, Hawaiian, Spanish, Hebrew, Tagalog, Polish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Korean, German, Hindi, Portuguese, French & Vietnamese. Womagis is illustrated as an innovative template, displaying 18 languages simultaneously, as a multilingual frame. Each language changes its place from page to page, so the book is also a game, where you must look around in order to find your native tongue, just like a smart detective! Womagis includes some activities to inspire parents and educators so they can work together with the children by creating a universe of adventures and games around the book. Womagis has gathered over 40 translators, some of them from Native American Tribes like Lakota-Sioux, Diné-Navajo and Eskimo-Inuit. Womagis is a new book that inspires children to create their own language of tolerance and love, all in one story, all in one page!

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  • Número de páginas: 54
  • Autor: Marta Villegas
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