Yo Soy La Rosa (i Am The Rose)

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libro Yo Soy La Rosa (i Am The Rose)

The teaching contained in I Am the Rose, of Araceli Egea, is entirely practical without complications or useless philosophy. Its instruction points directly to the heart, connecting with the joy of love and hope, making this book a jewel of Light and Truth. I Am the Rose points to a wide range of fresh subjects, such as: positivism, the power of will, self-esteem, self-control, gratitude, and more. In general, it provides great aid in common life situations, open mental structures and open new and better ways in life. This book helps achieve change, motivates to face threats and frights, with courage and serenity. As explained at the Self-Control chapter: Whenever one falls and does not accept it, arouses more fortified.

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  • Número de páginas: 188
  • Autor: Araceli Egea
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